XDA Labs v1.0.8b beta

XDA Labs v1.0.8b beta
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Hi everyone,
We (at XDA) have been working on something.


This is XDA Labs. The name isn’t final, and this is not the “official” launch… but we are (quietly) giving you guys a chance to try it out so we can get some feedback. So….what is it?

First and foremost, it’s a speedy way to access the forums (ad-free!). You’ll see a lot that’s familiar with XDA One, because we merged the code into Labs and made a handful of much-needed improvements.

Second, it’s a new way to access all the Xposed modules you love.

And third, it’s a way to distribute apps– and eventually all sorts of stuff that people upload to XDA. It is 100% pro-developer in that 1) we allow all types of apps (including stuff not allowed on Play), 2) we don’t remove apps without warning and without communication to the developer, 3) we enable developers to sell apps, receiving 100% of the proceeds directly, 4) we accept Bitcoin payment, which is fast, easy, and low cost, and 5) we utilize alpha, beta and stable release channels so devs can have control in how they distribute apps to users.

If you are a developer and want to add your app, go here: labs.xda-developers.com/

Otherwise…use the app, and tell us what you think! Again, Labs is very much Beta right now so keep your expectations in check!

What’s New: (July 26)
[feature] My Device section
[tweak] Translation update
[tweak] Update forums icon
[tweak] Unread thread default switched to first post
[fix] Blank Xposed description crash
[fix] Crash fixes, removed some unused cruft
[fix] Quoted posts from other threads
[fix] Forum discussion button transition and backstack
[fix] Registration/Login button wrapping
[fix] Share URL for apps
[fix] Full and play editions of Labs now launch proper activities
[fix] Fix unnecessary root lookup of regular apps
[fix] User avatar refreshed (daily) with access token
[fix] Disabled apps properly removed from cache on demand
[fix] Some Xposed modules not launching
[fix] Parsed URLs now obey first/last page settings

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