Who dies?

Who dies?
Who dies? l Version: 1.14 | Size: 6.8MB
 Developers: LA-APPS | Language: English

Try and guess who dies when the number one physical law applies, gravity. Hit run and see it in action! With an actual physics simulator! And there are plenty of levels inside.
In every few levels, there are new exciting puzzles with elements such as different gravity, moving objects, and wormholes!
Collect as many gravitons as you can and rank in the leader-boards!
Geeky stuff:
Physics engine: Box2D, configured to 64 Pixel to Meter ratio.
Friction of bodies: Rocks 40%, Ground: 20%, but there is no atmosphere.
Achievements and Leaderboard included. Just connect with your Google+ account.
Who dies?
Who dies?
Who dies?

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