Wheels On Farm

Wheels On Farm
Wheels On Farm l Version: 0.9.15 | Size: 27.48MB
 Developers: GeekToGeek | Language: English

Download if you enjoy games with these features:
-> Logical challenges
-> 2D
-> Physic Simulation,
-> Funny characters
-> Recommended dual core smartphones (> = 800 MHz)
Joe has a busy life in the countryside
Everyday he wakes up early, drinks his coffee and go out to complete his tasks.
He spends the whole day up and down helping the neighboors, carrying firewook, fruits..and whatever is necessary, through dangerous and fun ways.
Oh yeah! For this boy the normal roads would be too boring!
And the off-road, left by his grandfather, wouldn’t be out of a good adventure.
Have fun helping this guy in his tasks!
Recommended for smartphones dual core ( >= 800 MHz )
About this version:
– Contains 35 levels in story mode (with 6 special levels)
– Required permissions and their reasons:
– “USB Storage” (read and write): To store player’s points and preferences in “sdcard/android/data”
– “Network Communication”: Soon this will be used to sync your points in Competitions tables.
– “Read state and phone ID”: To identify your device and cryptograph your points to avoid it being copied in another device
– “Discover accounts”: The game identifies your google main email and links your points. Soon this will be used to store in pontuation in the cloud.
Our goal is to update the game every 15 or 30 days!
We still have lots of ideas to improve this game!
Wheels On Farm
Wheels On Farm
Wheels On Farm

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