Westbound: Pioneer Adventure

Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure l Version: 1.5.0 | Size: 35.58MB
 Developers: Kiwi, Inc. | Language: English

“Pioneers! O Pioneers!” Are you ready for the Western Frontier?
Your wagon has broken down on its quest to Oregon! Now you’re stranded in an uncharted canyon with a motley crew of settlers.
Pioneer, it’s time to build a civilization in this uncharted Oregon frontier and turn it into your own thriving boomtown! Saddle up your horse and come along!
Join the millions of pioneers on a quest to the uncharted Oregon country!
Our players can’t get enough of Westbound:
★★★★★ “This game is so much fun, I love it and highly recommend it. I like how you can leave it and come back and there are so many surprises.”
★★★★★ “Beautiful graphics, fun and interesting play.”
★★★★★ “This game is really addictive! Recommended for all ages!”
Lost treasure and unknown romance await as you mine the uncharted canyon, discover lost, ancient mysteries, and create a booming pioneer civilization!
Things you can do in this Oregon adventure:
● Build a frontier boomtown civilization
● Tend to your western ranch with your comrades and horses
● Explore the uncharted frontier
● Find lost treasures
● Solve ancient mysteries in this quest to the Oregon frontier!
● Grow your boomtown in this unknown land
Trailsweeper! The newest thing to hit the West!
● Discover new trails as you travel to Chicago, Denver, St. Louis, and More!
● Collect your rewards and upgrade the new General Store!
● Tons of undiscovered maps and new gameplay included!
IN-APP PAYMENTS: Westbound is free to play but you can buy special items to use in the game.
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Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure
Westbound: Pioneer Adventure

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