Weed Garden The Game Mod APK Unlimited Money

Download Weed Garden The Game Apk Mod Unlimited Money ,New Update With Version 1

From the guys who brought you Weed Planet and Weed Shop comes a brand new social weed growing adventure – Weed Garden The Game!

Open up a Weed Shop franchise in the woods of Massachusetts and start growing weed in your outdoor garden. Sell your weed to local stoners, online customers or the weed warehouse. Make mad money, upgrade and pimp your shop or trick out your weed garden with unique rasta decorations. Connect to the PotFace network to send and receive weed seeds from your Facebook friends, buy or steal weed globally, visit or rob other weed shops and much more!


||Game:   Weed Garden The Game APK ||
||Version:   8 beta ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market:   https://play.google.com/.weedshop3 ||
||Mod:  Unlimited Money   ||


Intruction Installing:
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