Weaphones WW2: Firearms Sim v1.4.0

 Weaphones WW2: Firearms Sim v1.4.0

Experience the weapons of World War II like never ever before. Weaphones WW2 Edition redefines what the term first individual shooter means. Do not just play the video game, belong to it. Take hold of your device and experience exactly what it resembles to load, charge, clear and shoot a firearm.

With Weaphones WW2 you can live out your greatest weapon battle fantasies and continue to be 100 % safe. Weaphones features some of the most iconic firearms of WW2, from the German Luger to the American belt-fed M1919. Numerous of the weapons are customizable; include bayonets, scopes, bi-pods and even more! If you have no idea how to run a specific weapon, brush up with our fully animated step-by-step tutorials.

From the high-definition, fight bruised, pistols, rifles and machine guns, to the authentic weapon mechanics combineded with practical smoke, recoil, muzzle flash and sound impacts, Weaphones is everything about realism. Everything is customizable to fit the user. Modification the size of the weapon to place all controls within easy reach. Rotate and turn to best fit the gadget and hand preference. On supported gadgets, allow the camera flash feature and further enhance your experience by leveraging the power of the integrated electronic camera flash to simulate a genuine muzzle flash.

For the cost of one.30-06 Springfield round you get everything. No up-sells or in-app-purchases, just pure fun and complimentary updates (brand-new guns).

” Realistic Fire, Sound, Smoke, Flash & & Recoil Effects
” Full Communication and Control
” Authentic Weapon Mechanics
” Customizable Weapons
” No Up-Sells or In-App-Purchases, You Get Everything Plus Free Updates
” Comprehensive Full HD Graphics
” Adjustable to Fit User’s Hand Size and Choice
– Lefty Flip
– Rotate 180 ° – Scale
– Move
” User Adjustable Variables
– Unlimited Ammunition
– Auto-Reload
– Weapon Jamming
– Accelerometer Reloading
– Electronic camera Flash Shooting
” Weapon State Indication (“Why Am I Not Shooting?”)
” Ultra Detailed Step-By-Step Animated Tutorial for Each Weaphone
” Multi-Touch, Accelerometer & & Video camera Flash Support
” Social network Driven Future Content

Interactive Features:
HANDGUNS:” Trigger” Cocking Handle/Decocking Handle” Magazine Release” Safety” Magazine” Slide Release” Hammer
WEBLEY REVOLVER:” Trigger” Hammer” Cylinder” Rounds” Barrel Assembly” Barrel Catch
SMGs:” Trigger” Charging Handle/Safety” Magazine Release” Fire Selector” Publication” Suppressor” Drum Publication
M1 CARBINE:” Trigger” Charging Handle” Security” Slide Stop” Magazine Release” Publication” Folding Stock” Bayonet
STG 44:” Trigger” Charging Handle” Magazine Release” Fire Selector” Safety” Magazine
M1918A2 BAR:” Trigger” Charging Handle” Flip-up Sight” Carry Handle” Bipod” Shoulder Support
M1 GARAND:” Trigger” Safety” Operating Rod” Clip” Clip Latch” Bayonet” Scope” Flashhider
K98K / MOSIN NAGANT:” Trigger” Bolt” Safety Lever” Stripper Clip” Solo Round” Bayonet” Scope
M1919 / M2 BROWNING:” Trigger” Charging Handle” Receiver Cover” Belt Ammo” Ammunition Box” Flip-up Sights” Carry Handle” Bipod” Tripod” Stock
MG42:” Trigger” Charging Handle” Receiver Cover” Belt Ammunition” Ammo Box” Flip-up Sights” Safety” Bipod” Tripod
M2 FLAMETHROWER:” Tanks” Igniter Security” Igniter Trigger” Fuel Trigger
TYPE 97 HAND GRENADE:” Pin/Rope” Safety Cap

What’s New:
” 3 Brand NEW Defense
– Manually Load Rounds
– Spin the Cylinder
– Belt Fed Heavy Gatling gun
– Authentic Bolt Action
” Bug Fixes and Improvements
” As Always Totally Free to All Users

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