Wandering Mercenary

Wandering Mercenary
Wandering Mercenary l Version: 1.15 | Size: 31.9MB
 Developers: MonKick Studio | Language: English

[Wandering Mercenary: Entrust Princess!]
This is an Action-defence game ‘Wandering Mercenary’ of Cool Action!
You must protect the princess from orcs approaching from left and right side.
Look out! The orcs of various classes are coming closer!
A peaceful castle fell to the orc’s sudden attack.
And, the only survivor of royal family, princess ‘Filia’.
Princess Filia went on a long journey alone to the neighboring castle to ask for help.
However, she was in danger of orc’s chasing.
But! just in time, a wandering mercenary ‘Aster’ appeared!
Aster rescued her in the trouble and has joined her journey gladly.
With a promise of big rewards…
* The free version and the paid version of the game data will not be shared.
* This game’s game data is saved in the device what you use.
* So, Be careful. If you initialize your device or uninstall this game, game data will be erased and the game data cannot be restored.
* Additionally, game data is not compatible with game data of other device/other application store.
Wandering Mercenary
Wandering Mercenary
Wandering Mercenary

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