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 VolleySim v1.0

VolleySim will certainly change the way we train athletes. By using digital technology, we will certainly teach athletes to read the player’s body movement and train the brain on where to propose defense. There is no other product like this on the market. Visualizing and training the eyes on exactly what to search for is key to success in all levels of play. “The opened ability is the capability to see and check out the game.”- Hugh McCutcheon, USA Women’s Olympic Coach, 2008 Olympics.

What is VolleySim?

VolleySim is a virtual training item for Volleyball Players and Coaches in order to envision particular choice making elements of the video game of beach ball. Our top concern is to make sure the precision of a training simulation to empower determined athletes the capability to train no matter where they are. VolleySim will certainly train athletes to reach their prospective and increase their level of play. Lots of gamers want additional practices, more training, and more aid to enhance, however at a point, the body should rest. VolleySim is created to allow those athletes who yearn for more knowledge and more practice a way to practice reading the game, anytime, anywhere.

What is checking out the game?

“The opened ability is the capability to see and check out the game.”- Hugh McCutcheon (previous head coach of the United States guys’s national beach ball team, the former head coach of the US women’s national volleyball group, and the existing head coach of the University of Minnesota’s women’s beach ball team)
“The value of preparation, reading and anticipation over the actual contact can maybe best be seen with these truths from the Beijing 2008 Olympics. The typical UNITED STATE player called the round 17 times per set in the indoor games (44 times for beach). Both groups played 8 matches in their runs to the Gold Medal finals, balancing 4 sets per match. The average contact periods per skill [are].10 sec for setting;.05 for passing;.01 seconds for hitting and.03 for blocking. So utilizing a typical contact time of.05 seconds, the typical overall time of CONTACT by a player with the whole Olympic games was 27.4 seconds.”– John Kessel
Checking out the game is the ability for you to see exactly what is occurring with the other team in terms of both court position and body position in order to anticipate a most likely course of action. This anticipation will enable you to move yourself and your body in the proper position prior to the ball even beginning to transfer to your side of the court.
“Discover to prepare for, read the in the past and at contact actions, and remember the flow and tendencies under stress of opponents……. and do it at the ideal location and time, the much better we all will certainly be.”– John Kessel (U.S.A Beach ball’s Director of Sport Development, coaching given that 1971 at the college level or above, including Women’s U.S. Open titles in 1986 & & 87. A looked for after worldwide lecturer, he has performed 1-2 week seminars in all 50 states, and in over 30 Countries; In 1995, Volley ball Publication’s special Centennial problem named him among the 50 most essential individuals in the sport in the past 100 years.)

Features– Customize your avatar while practicing perimeter defense with suggestions, hits, and rolls.

Exactly what’s New:
Performance improvements and bug fixes.

1. Download & & Install APK.
2. Extract and Copy “com.volleysim.volleysim” folder to “sdcard/Android/obb/”
3. Introduce the game & & have a good time!

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