Viking Stomp Mod APK Unlimited Gold and Mushroom

Download Viking Stomp Apk Mod Unlimited Gold and Gems ,New Update With Version 2.1.66

Mortals, hear the Odin’s voice!
– Vikings got the power of their gods! Find runic stones in the magic chests and use them in battles.
– Well-known characters appeared in new appearance! Now your warriors have new stats and start to use their equipment differently.
– Regular combats are half the battle! Explore dungeons and receive reward which is worthy of a great warrior.
– Prove your superiority and take part in PvP – battles! Only the ace of aces is worthy to be the best in the Tournament!


||Game:  Viking Stomp APK  ||
||Version:  2.1.66  ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market:  ||
||Mod:  Gold and Mushrooms   ||


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