Vanaia ScanWritr Pro: docs scan, PDF, fax v2.5.4

 Vanaia ScanWritr Pro: docs scan, PDF, fax v2.5.4

Scan & write with ScanWritr – a business document scanner app, PDF converter and fax, which allows you to open docx, pptx, odt, hwp (Hancom Hangul Word Processor) and many other formats.

This professional tool turns your mobile device with a camera into a handy document scanner. Image capture is done with the help of Real-Time Edge Detection. After the document scanning is done, you can edit it as an image, add annotations, use eraser or pen and fill out the blanks using writing tool. Add your signature, convert the document to PDF before sending it to the receiver via e-mail, fax, Facebook or other social media. You can also save it to Google Drive, One Drive or your other preferred cloud service. All of the above happens right in the comfort of your own mobile device!

Some of ScanWritr’s features are:
– Camera-based Document Scanner
– Real-Time Edge Detection
– Image Enhancement
– Document import (MS Office, Open Office, Libre Office, Hancom/Hangul etc.)
– Form Filling
– Signing
– Text Annotation
– Fax (requires the purchase of fax tokens)
– Printing (via Google Cloud Print)
– Cloud Sharing
– PDF Converter
– Social Media Connectivity

Scan & Import
ScanWritr allows you to use the camera on your mobile device as a document scanner. The scanning is made easy with the help of advanced features of high-end portable scanner applications, such as Automatic Edge Detection and Image Enhancement. If you already have a document, you can simply import it directly from your device, e-mail, cloud etc. Since ScanWritr is also a PDF converter, the imported documents can, among many others, also be in PDF format.

Write & Fill out forms
This is a feature that makes our mobile scanner app stand out from the crowd. ScanWritr is not just a document scanner and PDF converter but also digital form filling app. Once you scanned that printed form, or opened the document from your device, it is time to elegantly fill it out using ScanWritr Text Input Feature. Is there an article, word or any other piece of data you wish to emphasize? Use the Marker Tool. Now all you need to do is to sign it using app’s Signature Tool and you are ready to store and/or share it.

Store & Share
That important document is scanned or imported, automatic edge detection made its magic, the image is enhanced and the edges are sharp. You might have used the Marker Tool and you’ve put down your digital signature – either way our handy document scanner is safely stored on your device and can be easily accessible through app’s handy document finder bar. Now you can e-mail it as PDF. Does the recipient require the document to be sent by fax? No problem – you can easily fax the document for an affordable price. Maybe you want to share it with all your friends? ScanWritr has it covered with its Social Media and Cloud Connectivity.

This free version allows you to try out all inherent features of the app. It offers unlimited amount of exports of up to 5 pages each. Exports in this version include watermarks. All limitations can be removed via in-app purchases.

Some services (i.e. faxing, converting) require a network connection, for which user’s mobile carrier fees may apply.

What’s New:
– Improved Signature Tool: now users can make better signatures using the device’s screen
– Better e-mail client to app integration: it is now possible to attach a ScanWritr document from within an e-mail client
– New annotation marker and pencil options: new colors and thicknesses.
– Size-optimized PDF export option: users may choose to save PDF’s that take less space.
– Minor bug fixes

More Info in Google Play

Download Vanaia ScanWritr Pro: docs scan, PDF, fax v2.5.4 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR


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