Valkyria Soul 1.1.0g Apk

Valkyria Soul v1.1.0g Apk Download

Valkyria Soul v1.1.0g Apk

Needs: Android 2.3 as well as up, modded Google Play Shop

Fight as the Valkyrie Reginleiv in a fantasy RPG where you could accumulate, train, and also transform a completely adjustable military of effective beasts.
In a globe ravaged by the events of Ragnarok, 2 unlikely champs will certainly rise to oppose the pressures of evil.

Huginn, familiar to the dropped god Odin, aims for to reanimate his master. To do so he releases Reginleiv, an infamous as well as effective Valkyrie put behind bars for outrageous criminal offenses versus Asgard.

Together, they will battle to bring order and also peace to a busted land.
With attractive, smooth animations, addictive, deep approach, and a myriad of beasts to collect, Valkyria Spirit is an ingenious RPG that will keep you coming back for more!
What truly took place during Ragnarok? What dark forces mix in this ravaged land? Will you be able to unwind the intricate web of lies and also mystery as well as discover the truth?

Ragnarok, the armageddon, has actually reoccured.
The battle in between the hosts of Asgard and also their monstrous foes finished in an infernal sea of fires, ravaging the 9 Globes and also leaving naught however a terrible spoil in its wake. Now, dark spirits haunt the wreck of the arenas, as well as survivors eke out a weak existence among the settled ashes as well as fatality.
The few left in Asgard battle a hopeless fight against an overwhelming opponent, battling frantically to bring back order to the busted world.
Seeking new allies, Huginn, acquainted to the dead god Odin, cracks the seal on an ancient prison.
A jail that holds the criminal Valkyrie, Reginleiv, one of Asgard’s legendary Maidens of Fight.
Gifted with the power to save the hearts of those she defeats, or to use them to enhance her own power, she might merely be enough to transform the tide of fight.
If, of course, she can be trusted.
Accumulate, Boost, and Transform Fylgja!
A Valkyrie’s toughness comes from her power to control the hearts, or spirits, of others.
By taking a soul as well as binding it to a feral physical vessel (or Fylgja), they can produce loyal minions as well as regulate them against the forces of darkness.
Gain new Fylgja through battle, turning your opponents into your buddies!
Fylgja gain degrees, and also could also be combined with various other Fylgja to make them stronger, or even to transform them right into brand-new, powerful kinds!
Each Heart that you will locate has its own one-of-a-kind individuality, abilities, and skills.
Attaching it to a Fylgja will certainly impact not just exactly how that Fylgja acts in fight, however its statistics as well as abilities also!
Each Spirit can have an optimum of 3 energetic abilities and also three things equipped at any type of given time.
In addition to the Heart’s abilities, each Fylgja has an unique ability that it can use in fight.
Souls could learn these Fylgja abilities, allowing any Fylgja Spirit bound with it to take advantage of these effective strategies.
Discover better combinations of Soul and also Fylgja to come to be the greatest Valkyrie of all!

This video game showcases some in-app-purchase material. While in-app-purchase content calls for added fees, it is not essential for completing the video game.

The actual price could differ relying on the area.

  • Supported OS 2.3 to 5.0
  • Assisted Screens HVGA(320×480) as well as up
  • Xperia(TM) PLAY Not enhanced
  • SD Card Storage Made it possible for
  • Languages English, Japanese
  • Non-Supported Devices This application has generally been tested to work on any kind of cell phone launched in Japan. We could not ensure assistance on various other gadgets.

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