Uplive – Live Video Streaming App

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Uplive – Live Video Streaming App
23 July 2017
4.0.3 and up
Uplive is one of the top live streaming apps, make new friends in your area and around the world!

[New Features Update!]
1. Private message system has officially launched! Talk to your friends all day long!
2. Sign in everyday and collect lots of great prizes!
3. Fixed many pesky bugs!

Live it Up at Uplive!

[About Uplive]

Uplive brings together millions of users worldwide, more than 10000 talented hosts from countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, and more than 5000 supermodels, actors, and part-time hosts. Join the party and enjoy a real-time showcase of different lives and cultures spanning across the globe.

Using 2017’s trendiest medium of interaction, enjoy a 24-hour ‘zero time difference’ connection to users all around the globe. At Uplive, you can listen to acoustic guitar songs, learn about exotic cultures, discuss your favorite movie, or just have a late night chat. Overcome the obstacle of distance instantly and interact with hosts of your choice anytime, anywhere.

 37,084 total

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What’s New
    1. Personal feed is now available! Record and share video clips of your favorite hosts!
    2. Best AR-based gifts! Transform your favorite host into elves, princesses, and the most awesome characters!
    3. Each host now has Daily and Monthly leaderboards, go find out what new special benefits there are for leaders!
    4. Lots of user experience enhancements waiting for you to discover!

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