Uncanny X-Men 1.0 APK Days of Future

Uncanny X-Men 1.0 APK Days of Future (Free Download)

Uncanny X-Men 1.0 APK Days of Future

Uncanny X-Men has actually finally shown up for the android devices. It was very first introduced for mobile platform on iOS and now we have actually got android version of the video game. It works with Android OS 4.0 and greater. You can play this game as Storm, Wolverine, Colossus or Scarlet.

World is now at the edge of catastrophe and robotics have actually taken control of the majority of the United States and worldwide war is going to be introduced. X-Men failed, couple of survivals are in the camps of the mutants, and everything is lost. There is just choice left, go back in time and avoid the assassination of the Kelly in any method possible. History is going to be re-written.

Recreate the story with X-Men. Game is entirely based on the original comics from John Byrne and Claremont. Experience the amazing new game from the Glitchsoft. Glitchsoft is also establishing group behind the well known game He-man.

Extraordinary X-Men APK Features:

  • Fast paced action game with your favorite mutant, each mutant is having its own capabilities and special powers. Unique gameplay style.
  • Advancement in 2D graphics of the video game. Complete console quality gaming experience on your mobile devices.
  • Face the most fiercest villains like Nimrod, Magneto and more.
  • Two various control schemes are offered to fit choice of every one. Virtual buttons which can likewise be called as swipe controls.
  • Each X-Men is having 4 upgradable qualities.
  • Discover various items related to each character like Comics covers, principle art and biographies.

Exceptional X-Men Days of Future APK is not having any advertisement.


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