Ultra GPS Logger v3.141q [Patched]

Ultra GPS Logger v3.141q [Patched]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Ultra GPS Logger is a GPS Tracker which allows you to generate NMEA, KML and/or GPX logs with your GPS or GLONASS enabled Android device. It is able to keep GPS on during standby, which enables logging of a long period of time without the need of interaction with the device.


– formats: NMEA, KML, GPX, CSV
– log raw, by distance or time
– log during standby
– AutoLog, AutoStart
– Send log / track by email
– Publish to FTP
– Compress log: Zip, KMZ
– Google Maps, Open Street Map
– POIs, etc
– Online Services
– Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive
– Barometer / pressure sensor
– use of internal GPS
– use of external GPS via Bluetooth
– allow other apps to use external GPS via Mock provider
– act as GPS mouse

Ultra GPS Logger logs raw NMEA sentences! This is much more accurate than other products which just log every minute… It also supports intelligent KML/GPX output, which logs only real movement. Ultra GPS Logger also lets your device vibrate and flash its led in case the GPS fix is lost. Furthermore it represents your track on Google Map or Open Street Map!

User feedback is highly appreciated. Ultra GPS Logger is used for a variety of activities, like hiking, sailing, car / motorcycle / yacht racing or geotagging. Let me know what you use Ultra GPS Logger for :-))

Quick Start Guide: http://ugl.flashlight.de/QuickStart
User Guide (PDF): http://ugl.flashlight.de/UserGuide


Version 3.140
– map arrow update fix for Android 7.1 and above
– offline map can now also be selected in Android 7.x
– correction to compass on Android 7.x
– correction to bearing
– user POI file names case insensitve
– geofences reworked
– cleanup tool detection
– head to on POI click
– head to cursor for grid
– CSV options added
– UTM/MGRS now available in CSV
– TTS for fix lost
– auto POI by steps, distance, time
– many tweaks

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Download Instructions: No LP or GPM needed | Analytics Disabled | Maps work
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