Trickster MOD Kernel Settings Donate 2.13.945 Apk


Trickster MOD Kernel Settings Donate v2.13.945 Apk

Demands: 4.0+

Trickster MOD app is a tweaking device to alter various settings consisted of in your kernel and also other mods to your phone.

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  •  Set on boot, setups shed, regularities don’t stick, MIUI ROM problem, … check out FAQ above
  •  We do not reply to Play Store rating as it just permit rather brief message as well as no record for chat, please email us for assistance
  • Assist us equate the app:

    This app needs :

  •  ROOT and functioning busybox installation.
  • These tools are officially assisted.
  •  GALAXY NEXUS (toro, maguro, toroplus).
  •  Nexus 7 (grouper) and also Nexus 7 3G (tipalia).
  •  Nexus 7 2013 (flo).
  •  Nexus 4 (mako).
  •  Nexus 5 (hammerhead, preliminary support).
  •  Sony Xperia Z (yuga) as well as ZL (odin).
  •  LG Optimus G.
  •  Galaxy SIII with Exynos SOC.
  •  HTC Extraordinary S (vivo: initial support).
  •  Nexus 10 (initial assistance).
  •  HTC One X International (endeavoru; initial support).
  •  HTC One M7U and also M7UL.
  •  Galaxy SIII with Qualcomm SOC (initial assistance).
  • Pertaining to more gadgets in the future.

    Charlatan MOD application is a tweaking device to change numerous settings consisted of in your kernel and also various other mods to your phone.

    Charlatan MOD has abilities to do the following

  •  ADB over WLAN.
  •  Establish I/O scheduler, reviewed ahead buffer, CPU scaling guv, minimum as well as max CPU speed.
  •  CPU Data.
  • Set Device hostname.
  •  Apply Moratorium (was Bootloop Preventer).
  •  Regularity Lock.

Donate secret will get you following features

  •  I/O scheduler progressed command.
  •  Color profile for gadget with colour settings.
  •  CPU Regularity profile.
  •  Voltage profile for some setups.
  •  Noise control for faux’s patches.
  •  Advanced gamma command for N4 with synthetic’s spot.
  •  Touch Filter Control for N4 with sustained kernels.
  •  Bootloader lock/unlock without fastboot and data clean for some devices.
  •  Bit backup/restore on some sustained gadgets.
  •  Launcher shortcuts to some application procedures.

Following features depend on bit assistance 

  •  Shade for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4, comparison and also gamma tweaks for Galaxy Nexus.
  •  Universal hotplug.
  •  CPU Temp limit.
  •  Minimal SmartReflex voltage of Core, IVA, and MPU domain names.
  •  Small SmartReflex voltage for Core, Individual Voluntary Agreement, and MPU domains.
  •  Regulator voltages.
  •  GLaDOS live OC of Core, GPU and MPU.
  •  WIFI method for screen off (power conserving or complete rate).
  •  Vibe toughness.
  •  Headset quantity increase.
  •  High efficiency noise.
  •  Force quick fee.
  •  Battery live extender.
  •  Touch wake and touch wake period.
  •  fsync control.
  •  Sweep 2 wake.
  •  ZRAM.

This is supplied without GUARANTY whatsoever. Use your good sense.

Version 2.12.934 (20140524) BETA.

  •  Add preliminary support for Android L sneak peek.
  •  Add conservative gpu gov assistance.
  •  Add another sysfs course for dual faucet to wake.
  •  Add sweep2dim.
  •  Now conserve kernel setups when changing profiles.
  •  Switch up_threshold_at_min_freq to number setting.
  •  Take care of content setting does not acquire applied.
  •  Deal with some security issues.
  •  Fix governor command does not work for some unique guvs.

Exactly what’s New.

  • Version 2.13.9 xx (20141xxx) BETA.
  •  Include Android L assistance.
  •  Include brand-new pen pressure control under Touch Command Filter.
  •  Modification 2 stage regularity setting to text input.
  •  Numerous stability problem solutions.

This application has no promotions.

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