Total Destruction: Blast Hero Mod APK Unlimited Gems

Download Total Destruction: Blast Hero Apk Mod Unlimited Money ,New Update With Version 1.0.3

In Total Destruction, you’ll need your wits to blast down each structure below the required height – and with only the bombs you’re given. Plan your demolition, position the explosives and hit the button for maximum damage!

1. More destruction! With fully destructible levels, you can smash up everything from fences to furniture and more;
2. More to discover! As your hero demolishes more buildings and gains more experience, you’ll unlock amazing new levels, challenges and abilities. Frenzied action awaits;
3. Great graphics;
4. Fun humor that’ll keep you smiling.

Enjoy blasting your way through:

– Three exciting locations: USA, England and China;
– More than 180 varied game levels;
– Five different explosives to build your strategy around.

So are you ready to follow the path of the world’s best demoman – from knocking down sandcastles to taking out entire districts? Just take the plunger… and have a blast!


||Game:   Total Destruction: Blast Hero APK ||
||Version:  1.0.3  ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market: ||
||Mod:   Unlimited Money  ||

– buy energy to increase gems


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