Top TV Launcher v2.40 Apk

Top TV Launcher v2.40 Apk

Top TV Launcher v2.40 Apk is an amazing TV application for Android users. TV launcher has been designed from the ground up to give you the user possible TV launcher.

Key Features:

  • Custom tiles for your favorite applications
  • 9 fully customizable tiles, giving you the ability to add any app to files
  • If only 1 app is added to particular tile the app will launch directly
  • If more than 1 app exists a compact app selector is displayed
  • The ability to add any apps to quick launch bar
  • The ability to perform all actions using only directional and select keys
  • Root is not required
  • Ad-free

What’s new in v2.40 Apk

  • Create your own tiles
  • New interface
  • New selection of requested tiles
  • Clock opens clock