Tile Breaker

Tile Breaker
Tile Breaker l Version: 1.0 | Size: 7.11MB
 Developers: WeGo Interactive Co., LTD | Language: English

– Here comes the smashing that will get rid of your stress all at once. Release your destructive instinct and destroy the obstacles at a blow! So wild, so thrilling, so speedy and so addictive. –
Tile Breaker!!!
★ Crazy Speed
Fast and faster! Smash with speed and rhythm.
However, you will need to watch out for the traps that appear quite often.
★ Level of Difficulty Gone Bad
This is too darn difficult! Well, worth trying though!
You will find yourself in the realm of zero as you possessedly destroy the obstacles!
★ Oh My Gosh, I Can’t Take My Eyes Off!
Mind-shattering traps and obstacles that break mercilessly.
Charming characters and sophisticated graphics.
★ It’s Casual!
Global background, cosmic sense and comic parody!
We keep it easy, light and fun.
If you’re waiting for your girlfriend and she says she will be two minutes late, then turn on the game!
You play a round, and she will arrive!
However, we are not responsible for all the complications that results from you having too much fun and just cannot stop playing it.
Tile Breaker
Tile Breaker
Tile Breaker

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