Three Kingdoms War VTC – 2015

Three Kingdoms War VTC - 2015
Three Kingdoms War VTC - 2015 l Version: 1.3.2 | Size: 31.74MB
 Developers: DtGame | Language: English

Three Kingdoms War with strong community gaming market in China with the number of players is extremely important in a maximum of more than 50 thousand people online at the same time this had been in Vietnam.
The first highlight of the Three Kingdoms War VTC is full 3D graphics. It is the perfect platform 3D graphics on mobile helped gamers can capture the details of even the smallest features in the game
Not only graphics that sound is also worth mentioning Three Kingdoms War in 2015. The soothing music incorporating anthems bold heroic battle quite harmonious.
Three Kingdoms War 3D without the outstanding character of the class to which each class are a highlight and the other class is allelopathic by circularly creating a fair Three Kingdoms War.
3 unique character classes:
+ Hao Jie: Arms Trade; Abilities: Melee – Violence Click – Blood More
+ Moon Spirit: Weapons Archery; Ability: Mark far – Agility – Avoiding high
+ God Body: Weapons Fan god; Abilities: Attack on remote – Violence size – Magic
The system helps you fight distinctive soul portraying famous heroes. Appendix god with 18 towers are valiant general bosses defend each floor is no easy challenge to overcome.
Map wide gamers not bound system with Axis fortune War battlefield – a version of Kim Sung other smartphones.
The goal of a siege would be killed Marshal, took joint battle. Thousands of players can join the Three Kingdoms War that became a flaming battleground after each caught this war.
Hotline: 1900 1530
Email support: [email protected]
Three Kingdoms War VTC - 2015
Three Kingdoms War VTC - 2015
Three Kingdoms War VTC - 2015

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