The Last Ninja Twins

The Last Ninja Twins
The Last Ninja Twins l Version: 8 | Size: 22.3MB
 Developers: VNG GAME STUDIOS | Language: English

Can you handle twin pressure?
Super simple research shows that most people wish they were a twin, and secondly that they were a ninja. We didn’t dare not to act on this piece of valuable insight and decided to deliver on what people want – for once.
The result is a nerve-racking twin turboed game requiring asynchronous ninja thumb precision, laser focused eye sight and extraordinary brain-to-hand signal processing capacity. Double the trouble. Double the fun!
Jump the running ninjas through beautiful, fun and challenging levels. Remember that when running with razor sharp swords, every mistake may be your last…
Simple gameplay – press the right half of the screen for the first ninja to jump, and the left half to make the second ninja jump.
Game features:
– Free to play. All game content is unlockable without payment
– Double action, double platform challenge
– Two worlds, each with 8 levels (More levels and worlds in the pipeline for later updates)
– Hillarious game over scenes
– Turn off blood in game settings
The Last Ninja Twins
The Last Ninja Twins
The Last Ninja Twins

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