The Gods Omega Mod APK High Damage + No Cooldown

Download The Gods Omega Apk Mod High Damage and Cooldown ,New Update With Version 1.5.0

The Gods Ω is a brand new Cards game developed by Shanghai Chilijoy, powered by Unity3D engine. the avatars are very vivid with rich movements and spendid skill.
the game is Left-Right Scroll RTS mode,by introducing MOBA game system, makes the game very challenging compare with other cards games.
The game has a lot of world famous mystery Gods and Heroes all over the world. such as Odin Thor Loki from North European stories, as well as Zeus, Apollo,Athena from Greek Mystery stories.


||Game:  The Gods Omega APK  ||
||Version: 1.5.0   ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market:,Omega  ||
||Mod:  Damage   ||

INFO: Mod By Riu
– High Damage
– Mob Full Disarm
– No Cooldown


Intruction Installing:
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