The Drop

The Drop
The Drop l Version: 1.01 | Size: 26.21MB
 Developers: Alopex Studios | Language: English

The Drop is a fast paced motion controlled FREE skill game.
You must avoid the obstacles and out run the death line! All while the speed increases making the challenge even greater.
Collect power ups and coins to unlock awesome new trails for your player.
A great game to challenge your friends to beat your high score!
How To Play
* Use your phone or tablets accelerometer to move left and right (tilt the phone!)
* Avoid everything red!
* Holding down on the screen will slow you down but allow you to “Ghost” through objects
* Blue circle power ups (Shields) give you invincibility for a short time
* Orange circle power ups (Guards) give you Three lives
* Green circle power ups speed you up for a short time and make you invincible, helping you out run the death line
* Collect coins as you drop to unlock new trails!
The Drop
The Drop
The Drop

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