Tap knights : princess quest v1.23 (Mod)

Tap knights : princess quest v1.23 (Mod)
Requirements: Android 4.0+/root
Overview: There’s an evil threatening the peace of the world.

To defeat the evil, the goddess sent a warrior and Reina the princess of the kingdom fell in love with him at the first sight. But she should have let him go.
Waiting for love to come back for years… but there’s a bad news instead.
The warrior has fallen in love with the evil?!
Now it’s her turn! Princess Reina has set to the adventure to save the world!
It was the anger that gave Reina the power of goddess!
Let’s go to the newlyweds’ home, No, the evil home, the tower of evil!
I need to talk to you both, huh??
No more quests that only needs time, just like other ordinary idle games
beat up monsters and achieve quests! It will bring you enormouse fortune!!
Here, you also can make dreams of millionaire come true!

[Leveling up system]
Wanna get stronger? Then here’s the answer.
Defeat monster and take gold. Then strengthen your heroes

[mercenary system]
Only one hero to control in an idle game?
keep mercenaries up to 16 of them! If one of them is to die, the replacement system will let you have another one!

[Revival system]
If It’s difficult to defeat enemies, just born again!
You’re gonna get sacred relics from rebirth which can strengthen princess Reina’s power.
Then, well, monsters.. you’re all dead!

[Soulstone system]
All the dead heroes’ legends got to revive here!.
Collect heroes’ soulstones and summon them. Then you can make them much more powerful than ever

[Attribute system]
All of mercenaries / heroes with spear, sword, blunt weapon and shield have their own attributes.
Make good use of them and play more fun and easy!

1. Infinite Gold
2. Infinite Ruby
3. Infinite Relic

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