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TankCraft.io – Online Battle
27 June 2017
2.3 and up
* Enter combat at any time, to enjoy fun of fast-paced battle, 5 minutes per round.
* Crazy survival mode and 5v5 team battles mode, invite friends to join.
* Quick start within 10 seconds, easy to play by everyone, no matter colleagues, friends, family, kids, or girlfriends!
* Collect and use different tanks, grenade thrower, flame burner, minelayer, mine sweeper, E-Mag, terminator equipped with laser weapon.
* Up to 10 players on the same battle. What a lively melee!
* Allow continuous emission of multiple cannonballs. With missiles flying, explosion and fires, SUPER EXCITING!
* Clever dodge, moving between missiles under the cover of obstacles, show off your god-like action!
* Shoot artillery shells, rebound against the wall, cleverly attack the enemy!
* By Radar, find the enemy position, faster attack!

Official website: http://TankCraft.io

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What’s New
    * Removed ShareSDK and unnecessary privilege.
    * Change to new game servers.

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