Talking Ben the Dog 3.1 Unlocked Apk

Talking Ben the Dog v3.1 Unlocked Apk

Talking Ben the Dog v3.1 Unlocked Apk

Needs: 2.3 +

Ben is a retired chemistry professor that likes his silent comfy life of consuming, consuming and also reading newspapers.
To make him receptive, you will need to trouble him long enough that he will certainly fold his newspaper. Then you can talk with him, poke or tickle him or even have a telephone conversation with him.

If you get Ben to his lab nevertheless, he comes to be as delighted as a pup. There you can do chemical make up experiments by mixing a mix of 2 examination tubes together and also see the funny responses.

TIP : Videotape a funny video of your telephone chat with Ben and also send it to your friends.


  • Poke Ben’s paper to make him fold it.
  • Then you could talk to Ben as well as he will certainly repeat.
  • Poke or slap Ben’s face, tummy, feet or hands.
  • Tickle Ben’s stomach.
  • Poke or swipe Ben’s college graduation picture.
  • Press the phone button and have a discussion with Ben.
  • Document a comical video of your telephone discussion with Ben.
  • Press switches to make Ben consume, consume or belch.
  • Press the chemistry switch to switch over Ben to the laboratory.
  • Mix any sort of two examination tubes with each other and view the funny chain reaction.
  • Record videos as well as share them on YouTube, Facebook or send them to your family and friends by email or MMS.

What’s New In Talking Ben Unlocked Apk

  • New EXPLOSIVE upgrade is here!
  • New examination tube with 4 CRAZY computer animations! See the amazing power of the speedy, the surprising lightning tornado, the internal volcano as well as the supersecret job X.
  • Ben has actually additionally established an eco safe bug spray! The application is now insect totally free.

This application has no promotions.

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