System Tuner Pro v3.10 Apk

System Tuner Pro v3.10 Apk

Criteria: 2.1 and also up
Summary: The most complete all-in-1 Android system receiver for your phones and tablet computers!

One of the most total Android unit room: monitor and record all tasks, data backup and also bring back * any sort of * functions, extended duty awesome, Central Processing Unit SD and also memory controls, logcat user, terminal emulator, gizmos and notifications, done in one highly maximized application!
NOTICE: Demands WI-FI, BT, PHONE as well as GPS consents to videotape phone conditions. Application got in touch with Privacy Examiner!
Easily the most affordable consumption surveillance app! Inspect web-site for application consumption!
Activity Manager: (may be established as principal User Interface, observe options)
– – Filter user/system/kernel processes and also omission listing
– – Reveals cpu load/frequency, memory/internal/sd usage
– – Sort processes by cpu times, start time, moment or even by label
– – Eliminate non by hand omitted apps automatically – Presents comprehensive relevant information about working apps and also procedures
– – By hand wipe out running apps
PROCESSOR Supervisor (originated phones):
– – Tweak Central Processing Unit guv+rates during screen-off, on call
– – Tweak Central Processing Unit voltage (when accessible on custom made Piece)
– – Establish CPU settings on boot
– – Requires OC/deamon when offered and also can disable it
Extended Duty Fantastic
– – Wipe out non-excluded apps automatically or even by hand
– – Wipe out apps during the course of screen-on, screen-off or when widget rejuvenates
– – Manually exclude or even include applications
– – All unit apps are excluded by nonpayment
– – Manually kill kernel methods (root)
– – Show moment and SD particulars & (RAM & inner)Form Manager without origin:
– – Backup/restore/uninstall consumer apps, only APKs are actually backed-up
Form Manager along with origin:
– – Freeze/unfreeze apps
– – Get rid of application from boot
– – Backup/restore/uninstall any sort of apps and settings, including watering system apps – Launch and read through application logcat – Feature function information as well as cache utilization – Sort application through name, data usage
– or store utilization – Relocate any apps to/from system/user/SD area – – Clear caches or dalvik store(should reboot after – )Activity Recorder: – File(additionally at shoes
)endeavors in the history – Report all apps or even all processes – Report phone states( – screen, wifi, bluetooth, general practitioners, mobile data –, alert )– Import Battery Screen Gizmo Pro records for in-depth evaluation! – Enables analyzing previous audios without limitations Logcat Audience: – Feature log(feline)for all/one method – Filter
logcat by message levels or user-defined text – Save/load logcat to/from – documents – Present piece information Terminal Emulator: – Keeps past of formerly utilized
– Linux demands – Conserve outcome to file – Operate pre-existing manuscripts – Operate dictates
– as Super User (follicle)Device Tweaker(origin): – Tweak SD store
– dimension to increase functionality – Tweak IO scheduler to boost efficiency – App booster on shoes(APK alignement+DB cleanup
– )– Tweak Android auto-kill memory environments – – Requires Linux init.d script when available Notifications –: – Show processor tons, rate, governor
–, free/used memory (flash/internal/sd)– Show the majority of details (cpu, moment, interior, SD)– Optionally presents a configurable – graphic time-line – Offered as exterior package deals
–, lots of offered Gizmo: – Many various widget experiences: HTC Sense 2/3,, Glassy, ICS. – Program central processing unit load, rate, – guv, free/used moment(flash/internal/sd)– Starts 2 various activities by – selecting the image or even tag



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