Swing Copters v1.2.0

 Swing Copters v1.2.0

Flying with a propeller hat is not as easy as it looks.
• Tap to change direction.
• Get 4 medals to unlock more characters.

Dong Nguyen, the Vietnamese developer behind DotGears Studio and the creator of the mobile hit Flappy Bird, would appear to transcend even that label. His follow-up title, Swing Copters, hit the iOS and Google Play app stores late Wednesday, San Francisco time, and it is unlike anything you have ever played. It’s already blowing up mobile gamers’ Twitter feeds and stirring online conversation.

“For Swing Copters, what’s really happening is that it’s being driven by the success of Flappy Bird,” said Joost van Dreunen, the co-founder and CEO of SuperData Research. “People are saying, ‘Oh it’s the new one,’ in the same way you would say of a musician, ‘Oh it’s the new album.’” Another factor: the game is a cruel lesson in failure.

Swing Copters isn’t just harder than Flappy Bird. The game is impossibly difficult, in a way that feels both familiar to Flappy Bird and yet at the same time in different galaxy altogether. Which raises an interesting question: How in the world can you make a game this hard while still leaving open the possibility for players to figure out its secrets? It feels reminiscent of the running game QWOP, the purposefully ridiculous indie button masher designed to poke fun at ideas of challenge and reward in gaming.

You’re placed in in the shoes of a small, Pixar-looking character tasked with flying skyward while avoiding swinging pendulum-like hammers. Seems simple enough, yet the first second you play the game you begin to grasp how harsh the physics are. Avoiding the hammers is only the surface of the singular task. Reining in the near-uncontrollable and twitchy internal logic of Swing Copters, which is designed to negate everything you as a player want to be natural and smooth and easy, is the true challenge.

Where Flappy Bird would ease you into the necessary rhythm to float through the game’s green pipe obstacles, Swing Copters punishes you unapologetically and in a way that renders you feeling helpless. Throughout the first 20 times I played the game, achieving of top score of 1 point, I began to develop a sense that there was some chaotic, meaningless force at work…

What’s New:
1) New icon.
2) Fix bugs.
3) Fine tune gameplay.

More Info in Google Play

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