Survive Mr.cube

Survive Mr.cube
Survive Mr.cube l Version: 1.0.5 | Size: 48.25MB
 Developers: Triniti Stars Ltd | Language: English

★ Story ★
Soon to be married Mr. Kobe was living a happy life until one day an elderly man gave him a pill. Mr. Kobe ate the pill and quickly lost consciousness. As he came to his senses he was trapped to a place he could not recognize. Why was he brought to this dark and melancholy place? Will he be able to survive? Can he escape the place? Help him write his escape journal and embark on a journey with him!
★ How to survive ★
1. Shoot your way through packs of square monsters and collect shiny cubes.
2. Talk to Scarecrow and get stronger. Although it won’t be free. ^^ The more shiny cubes you have the better.
3. The only way to escape is through a portal. Destroy all surrounding monsters in order to open it. The more portals you open the closer you are to escaping the place.
★ Game features ★
– Responsive controls with no time to rest – Various skills – Funny costumes for the character
– Package game with a touching storyline – Various achievements
– Higher ranking as you pass through the portals.
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Survive Mr.cube
Survive Mr.cube
Survive Mr.cube

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