Super Zombie World

Super Zombie World

Super Zombie World
Super Zombie World l Version: 3 | Size: 4.69MB
 Developers: GerardoBucchos3 | Language: English

Super Zombie World is an amazing retro gaming experience! 18 levels of awesome adventure game! Run through the world avoiding all the zombies and monsters, and grab all of the bonuses and points that you can! There are extra lives hidden in each and every level and world that you courageously conquer! Your mission is to make it through each level with at least one life! This expertly created retro gaming style adventure has been optimized with cool graphics and excellent gaming experience in mind.
Turn your mobile phone or device into a classic arcade game! New adventures and challenges that will make you never want to put your mobile device down! Super Zombie World is addictive like the old games! To start your new epic adventures just download now!
Super Zombie World Features:
* Fun game
* 18 cool levels
* Retro gaming
* Modern game style
* Awesome adventure
* Easy to control game
* Great all ages gaming for the family
Super Zombie World
Super Zombie World
Super Zombie World

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