Super Spy Cat

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Super Spy Cat

Super Spy Cat
Super Spy Cat l Version: 1.9 | Size: 45.75MB
 Developers: ZGame Lab | Language: English

Cats are stealthy, smart, fast, can jump tall objects, and most people when they see a cat will pet it, not assume it’s a spy. In the game, you play as a spy cat which can equipped tons of guns and grenade. Your mission are sweep other gangsters nice and clean.
Game feature:
– Stunning graphics.
– Cute animals.
– Rich story line across multi map region.
– Friendly UI.
How to play:
– Touch on enemy to shoot them, take them down before they did it to you.
– You can use grenade too, select and click on enemy.
Super Spy Cat
Super Spy Cat
Super Spy Cat

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