Super Slug

Super Slug
Super Slug l Version: 1.3.92 | Size: 114MB
 Developers: Playpark Company Limited ​| Language: English

Prepare to join extreme ACTION mobile game. Scout together with comrades to fight killing machines dominating planet earth
Fight with loads of firearms in the greatest fight of mankind to prevent human extinction!
— Extreme bombardment, so much fun —
o Easy control with auto-fire and auto-clear feature make item farming easier than ever!
o Engage in 1:1 PVP with other players
o Ton of events and quests
o Dominate the world with Guild system
o Fight alongside other players in unique Raid Boss war
o Vary ranking system for you to carve your name in
o Top-of-the-world reinforcements ready to back you up in absolute war
o Upgrade your weapons and suits to crush your enemies and looking cool at the same time
— Be a one man army or fight along with comrades, yours to chose —
o Eliminate enemies as a one man army or stomp Non-Stop metal bullets with your friends
o Party with friends to annihilate your foes
o Varities of weapons and reinforcements such as Jet Fighter, Missile Firing Ship, War Tank to crush down anything in your path
o Be the 1st of world’s ranking
News and update can be found at
Super Slug
Super Slug
Super Slug

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