Sun Rise Live Wallpaper Pro 4.2.4 APK

Sun Rise Live Wallpaper Pro 4.2.4 APK (Free Download)

Sun Increase Live Wallpaper Pro APK

Sun Increase Live Wallpaper APK includes beauty and life to your android home screen. Live wallpaper is a terrific feature in the android device, which provides a brand-new feel and appearance, although it eats more battery than static wallpaper however still the sensation and appeal of LWP is unmatchable, users prepare to compromise a little battery life over the function. Sun Increase LWP is among the paid app, stunning scene of day start with sun increase and rainbow with some trees offers you innerself feel about beauty of life and cherish joy in you.

LWP will certainly reveal you rainbow occasionally with some birds flying in the sky and clouds moving. This scene deserves millions, people spend thousands to relocate to such locations where they can have a glimpse of increasing sun seen.

App received an update with addition of alternative to pick scene position when parallax scrolling is handicapped. Some of the bugs are repaired and settings are totally reorganized.

Sun Rise LWP APK has no ad.

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