Summon Tower

Summon Tower
Summon Tower l Version: 1.1.0 | Size: 49.1MB
 Developers: Play8遊戲網 | Language: English

【Summon Tower】NOW AVAILABLE!
Once upon a time, 「X-boys」, a race with a X in their chest, lived insular lives in Mindland.
One day, a watermelon dropped from the sky, and all of the X-boys believed that was a gift from God.
The appearance of the watermelon made X-boys excited and cheerful, but they had no idea about their lives would be changed since then. . . . . . .
◎Due Hero System
Choose two heroes for offence and defense heroes according to their unique skills!
Different combinations of heroes will bring different chemical effects.
Just try more combinations and find your favorite!
◎Friend Assist
Choose a friend in Facebook for assist, and the offense hero of the friend you picked will fight for you in the next battle!
Just invite friends in the Facebook for joining the fun!
◎Upgrade System
Upgrading X-boys not only makes them more powerful, but also changes their appearance after getting the max upgrade level!
◎Queue system
According to the different enemy ,you can set several kinds of X-boy you want by queue system.
If you want change the X-boys setten in queue, just tap the clear button to reset.
◎Special Challenge Mode
If you are an expert, you can’t miss the challenge mode and ironman mode .
You need to finish in time limit or some tough conditions
Summon Tower
Summon Tower
Summon Tower

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