[Substratum] Shade UI Theme v6.1

[Substratum] Shade UI Theme v6.1
Requirements: 6.0 & up + Substratum Theme Engine + Root + LP
Overview: You need root and a rom with Substratum support to use this theme. if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please don’t download this theme because you won’t be able to use it.

Please read full description before purchasing or leaving a bad review, and if you have any problem or question, email me and I will help you.
This theme is compatible with both android Nougat and Marshmallow. The description and screenshots are referred to Nougat (so there may be little differences on Marshmallow).
This is Shade UI theme for Substratum. This is a dark theme that uses shades / gradient for enchanting the user interface. You can customize the shades as you want! (colors, direction…).

-Many apps of your rom like settings, notification drawer, messagging, keyboard, downloads..
-You can see the full list of apps themed here: https://goo.gl/iXAqNW
-caviar dreams font included
-wallpapers included
-if you want some simple icons to use with this theme, download for free SpadIcons theme for Icon Pack Generator app (SpadIcons: https://goo.gl/FP7VUe ; Icon Pack Generator: https://goo.gl/MKnnmJ )

1)open substratum app and select Shade UI theme
2)select overlays
3)choose personalizations that you want (see below)
4)use the floating button, compile overlays and then use the button again to apply overlays
5)reboot (if needed!)
(Problems while installing? Something you don’t understand? Email me!)
(Theme supports substratum and substratum legacy)

[android system] FirstColor: first color of the shade (black by default)
[android system] SecondColor: second color of the shade (teal by default)
[android system] Shade style: choose the direction of the shade (vertical, horizontal, diagonal or circular)
[settings] Category text: customize the category text in settings app
[settings] Icons color: customize the icons color in settings app
[google dialer and aosp dialer]: choose to have normal dialpad or shade dialpad
[systemui] QuickSettings panel: choose to have (or not) the shade also for quicksettings panel
[systemui]: Rounded recents: choose to have rounded recents or not

For any question, problem or request, send me a mail.
Rate this theme if you like it, it will be very appreciated and it helps a lot

For news, add/follow me on Google Plus: http://goo.gl/AFm9wU
For bugs/suggestions/other join my community: https://goo.gl/LtqRKT (or send me a mail)
Nickname on XDA-Developers and other forums: SpadaBoss

Enjoy Shade UI theme!


*6.1 version:
-updated for substratum 422+ (no visual changes)
-follow me on google plus: http://goo.gl/AFm9wU

Follow EXACTLY this steps and it will work (credits go to mama13):
1. Download Lucky patcher and install it.
2. Go to SuperSU setting and disable Mount namespace separation > Reboot.
3. Install theme apk, do not open theme.
4. Open Lucky patcher > click on theme app > tools > backup.
5. Uninstall app within Lucky patcher > Restore backup with lucky patcher.(bottom toolbar has backups option)
6. Click on theme app > open menu of patches > Remove license verification > Auto Mode.
7. Profit !!$ $ $

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