stopting call blocker PRO v1.2

stopting call blocker PRO v1.2
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: The intelligent stopting call blocker PRO App blocks unwanted calls automatically.

The intelligent stopting call blocker PRO App blocks unwanted calls automatically. By cross referencing with the stopting website and its database which is always up to date, unwanted numbers are automatically blocked without any action on your part.

In addition, you can adjust the spam protection to your individual needs.
Of course you can also enter phone numbers in your personal blacklist and block them.
The stopting call blocker PRO App also has additional features for individual configuration.

– Automatic blocking of unwanted calls
– Automatic cross referencing with stopting website/database
– Spam filter adjustable to individual needs
– Call blocking during ringing or conversation
– Block entire number blocks or regions
– Block foreign caller
– Only allows calls from your address book
– Block suppressed phone numbers
– Block callers up to a certain number length
– Set Custom schedule
– Create whitelist with important numbers
– The app can also be used offline (occasional Internet connection is essential for keeping the number database up to date)

Where does the app get phone numbers to block?
The stopting Community reports dubious phone numbers via the website or the app. This will be evaluated by various people and divided into 5 spam levels. We check all the numbers and reviews and create a spam list which is transmitted automatically to every installed App.

Why should I have to pay once for the stopting call blocker PRO App?
Since we want to eliminate annoying ads in the App, we opted for a minimal one-off payment, so we can continuously develop and improve the App. Thank you for your understanding.
Feel free to leave us your feedback and feature requests. We would be very happy to hear from you.

Data protection
The app needs access to your caller list so that you can use certain features in the app. Your private data is not forwarded to us, they only serve for the ideal functionality of the local application on your phone.

This app has no advertisements

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