StickyMan bOttleship

StickyMan bOttleship
StickyMan bOttleship l Version: 5 | Size: 45.26MB
 Developers: Game Stalker | Language: English 

Forget everything you have known before about battleship games, it’s an absolutely new idea which we realized for you in this strategy game full of crazy surprises StickyMan bOttleship – Disco Fight! Imagine you’re a barman in the disco, and you start the battle with the barman of another disco, but you made the whole dance-floor your own navy with bottles instead of cannon-balls and to win this battle, you should destroy your opponents’s tables with stickymen. Sounds great, isn’t it? Try to play this fusion of strategy and fighting game – StickyMan bOttleship – Disco Fight and become the real disco pirate!
HOW TO PLAY: Arrange your tables on the dance-floor, persons at the table are instead of decks of the ships, then it’s your turn, try to guess your enemy’s table location and tap the screen, then watch if you hit the aim, your goal is to destroy all tables.
-Enjoy the view of unusual battleship
-Develop your strategy thinking and logic
-Hide your “ships” and guess the location of your enemy’s “flagship”
-Cool music and realistic sound effects
StickyMan bOttleship
StickyMan bOttleship
StickyMan bOttleship

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