Steam Rush: Robots

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Steam Rush: Robots

Steam Rush: Robots
Steam Rush: Robots l Version: 1.05 | Size: 34.7MB Developers: Eduard Ishkulov | Language: English

The main character of the game should be sent to extract fuel after he has been assembled. The factory, where the robot was constructed is in process of creating experimental jetpack with modern functions and upgradings. Technical fault occurs and the secondary reactor explodes. The main staff is evacuated safely but robots, unfinished jetpacks and results of researches remain in the factory. Robots decide to take out valuable data and leave the factory. Dangers, barriers and difficulties are expecting robots ahead and to overcome them they should modernize and improve their jetpacks to leave the factory faster before it explodes.
★Vivid and pictorial locations.
★Choose various characters
★Nice soundtracks
★Constant update of new locations and characters.
★Easy and simply to pass.
★Renewal of professional digital art graphics
Steam Rush: Robots
Steam Rush: Robots
Steam Rush: Robots

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