Starlord Legend

Starlord Legend
Starlord Legend l Version: 1.0 | Size: 16.13MB
 Developers: QuanGEneini489 | Language: English

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The human civilization never stops its steps. Great interests were developed from exploring the ocean of galaxies. People ravle with eachothers among the profits of space mining. An unknown alien fleet assulted human without warning, and almostly destroied the entire human civilization. Now survivors from the cataclysm are waiting for a chance to pay back! Killing off the alien invadors is now the first and only objective for every man standing!
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Space warfare with classic strategy features!
The Star Lord Legend is a MMO fleet commanding and space station simulation game with strong strategy warfare features. The player act as a warlord of a certain galaxy, develop own space station, unlock new ship blueprints, build space fleets, occupy new territory, and compete with players all over the world.
Fascinating 3D graphics!
The Star Lord Legend is developed with the famous Unity3D engine. The 3D game visual experience perfectly reproduced the vast expanse of the spectacular universe and enhanced the visual expression of space station upgrading and space battles.
360 degree flawless battle experience!
Full 3D battle field means 360 degree god’s view battle displaying. With the after effect rendering and illuminating, the battle scenes and gamer emerging are greatly enhanced. Let’s fight in the space!
Highlighting spaceship product lines!
Player may develop a great variety of missile frigates, gun frigates, laser destroyers, black hole arsenal cruiser, and space-craft carriers. Commanding such an armed to teeth space fleet is totally inconvincible!

All-star developer team!
Developers of the game used to work for Shanda Games, Perfect World, Kingsoft and several great game companies. They’ve took part in every section of the game developing history, such as java, mobile MMO, PC MMO, 2D and 3D client games .
Starlord Legend
Starlord Legend
Starlord Legend

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