Spooky Door

Spooky Door
Spooky Door l Version: 1.92 | Size: 42.78MB
 Developers: Ambition co.,ltd. | Language: English

Welcome to a mysterious hotel, where guests are served with… puzzles?!
Five brave, young adventurers find themselves lost, with nothing but traps around every turn.
Solve the myriad of menacing mysteries, and reveal the truth behind the Spooky Hotel!
Take on Create Mode and make your very own puzzles!
Share them with the world and play others’ stages, too!
Experience a whole new genre, the Puzzle Adventure!
Challenge, succeed, and most of all, enjoy!
【Game Details】
●Simple to play! Shift the rooms around and reach the goal!
Move rooms with a single tap to create a path to the final door.
Over 100 puzzles already available!
●In this mysterious hotel, the guests are served puzzle after puzzle!
Using the wide range of Gimmicks left lying around each room, solve each stage and break out of this Spooky Hotel!
Better still, use Skills to force your way to freedom with greater ease!
●Your Brain vs. The World!
Use Create Mode to make your very own puzzles.
From simple steps to fiendish frustration, there are countless combinations of fun!
Upload and share your creations with other players and try to enter the puzzling Hall of Fame!
●This hotel hosts others, too!
A number of unique characters are just waiting to lend their skills and help you escape!
They say there’s not a single puzzle they cannot solve!
Free to Play
※In-App Purchases also available.
Spooky Door
Spooky Door
Spooky Door

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