Splash Pop

Splash Pop
Splash Pop l Version: | Size: 61.89MB
 Developers: Frima Studio Inc. | Language: English

The most delicious race in the universe has recently been discovered and they’re in for one hell of a surprise: they are about to get exterminated for their sweet and juicy insides!
Funny and absurd, Splash Pop takes to you to a quirky galaxy where you and your finger are in charge of splashing and juicing as many cute and innocent creatures as you can. Aided by strange monsters, squish, scorch, slice, dice, nuke, splash and pop the living juice out of them all in order to satisfy the unquenchable thirst of the Juice King!
* Complete over 400 unique, thrilling puzzles
* Unlock and upgrade monsters
* Wreak havoc in a crowd of tiny creatures that react to your every move
* Annihilate hordes of oblivious critters with majestic powers
* Discover colorful and dazzling planets
* Enjoy simple tap and swipe controls
Splash Pop
Splash Pop
Splash Pop

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