Spinner Tronic

Spinner Tronic
Spinner Tronic l Version: 1.1.1 | Size: 13.04MB
 Developers: Perishtronic Studios | Language: English

“A techno-arcade game that is both full of great visuals and unique, upbeat music.” -Rafiq Amdal, IndieGameMag.
“Simple but Deliciously Difficult” -Hunain Naseer, TheDroidReview.
“Arcade fanatics looking for something to sink their teeth into will definitely want to check out Spinner.” -Craig Forshey, SuperGameDroid.
Spinner Tronic is a techno arcade game that will test your skills and overwhelm you with weeks of procrastination.
** Three endless levels with progressive difficulty.
** A vibrant soundtrack that imprints each of the levels with a unique atmosphere.
** Complete statistics of the progress
** Leaderboards
** More than 40 achievements
** Hours of entertainment
Brought to you by Perishtronic Studios
Spinner Tronic
Spinner Tronic
Spinner Tronic

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