SoulCalibur 1.0.5 Apk

SoulCalibur APK (Ultimate 3D fighting game)

SoulCalibur 1.0.5 Apk (Ultimate 3D battling game)

SoulCalibur for android has gotten an updated for android devices, it is an intense 3D fighting game. It is suitable with Android OS 2.3.3 and higher. Very first video game of the series appeared in 1998, after some years it has been ported to house video game consoles and now finally it has shown up on Google Play Establishment.

Take pleasure in the continuously action video game offered on Google Play Establishment. This game is linked with the Google Play Video game Services. Many game modes are offered like Arcade Battle, Time Attack, Survival mode and Additional Survival mode. Each of the video game mode is having its own qualities. Arcade fight is all about beating all the opponents and take the game till its end. Time attack is all about time, how numerous enemies you can damage in specific timespan. Survival mode is having a limited amount of life and you have to go as further as you can with restricted lives. Additional survival mode is hard as you need to ruin enemies without getting any damage.

SoulCalibur APK Characteristics:

  • 4 various gameplay modes.
  • 19 roster characters.
  • All the characters are consistently recreated.
  • Virtual gamepad which is tweaked for fighting games.
  • Button design of the video game is easy to keep in mind.

Game has been upgraded with some improvements and bugs addiction. It is not having any ad.





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