Soccer Pong

Soccer Pong
Soccer Pong l Version: 1.2.98 | Size: 24.09MB
 Developers: OriginSoftware | Language: English

A new version of a classic ping pong, hit which has to find itself in your collection! Nothing will give you more satisfaction from playing than the possibility of confronting other players online. Soccer Pong is a very interesting combination of a classic pong game with the newest solutions.
It’s better from arkanoid, tetris or ping pong. Do you like soccer? football? You can play football match with your friends online.
The pong game needs no introduction as its first version was launched in 1972 and was a real hit in the arcade world. Even back then, it generated huge excitement and posed a great challenge for the community of game lovers and beyond. You simply have to try its modern version which will allow you to entertain yourself for a long time.
Not only for the lovers of classics. You can play pong football match.
Soccer Pong refers to the classic ping pong simulation. However, the additional goals simulating scoring add new flavor to the game. The whole point of the competition is to get a higher score than your opponent. Move vertically a rectangular bar that simulates a ping pong paddle. Your task is to bounce the ball so that the opponent can’t direct it back to your side. If you’re successful, you score. The bar enables you to bounce the ball in different directions. Put backspin on your ball and rotate it. Surprise the opponent. The ball keeps getting faster during the rally which makes the competition exciting and lets you enjoy it even more. Check how absorbing it is.
The game offers you a really great fun.
Soccer Pong is an improved version with beautiful graphics and a far better game experience which so many other products often lack. The game takes its place on a virtual field which additionally stirs emotions. You can experience it firsthand. The field has a green turf and large goals which add some more pleasure to the whole game. It can be played online and offline. Organize football mundial with friends online.
Offline mode has a single-player mode in which you play against the computer. Here you can change the difficulty level of a CPU player according to your skill. A two-player mode enables you to compete against your friends on the same phone or tablet. You know it very well that playing with your friends is great fun which you cannot miss. Online mode allows you to play with a random online player or a friend which you can pick from a list.
Sound design is an extra asset. Not only does it fit the game perfectly, but it can also boost your mood. Searching for a game which you can play at any moment? You can’t skip Soccer Pong. All it takes is to sign in. You can now enjoy the competition with other players. Become a champion!
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Soccer Pong
Soccer Pong
Soccer Pong

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