Smokin’ Barrels 2

Smokin' Barrels 2
Smokin' Barrels 2 l Version: 1.1 | Size: 30.38MB
 Developers: Remus Ciobanu | Language: English

Journey across the Wild West and test your reflexes on a quest to avenge your fallen friends.
Hunt down the outlaw gunslingers and challenge them to quick draw duels.
The economy is tough here so earn cash your way by completing bounties, winning fist fights, shooting bottles or playing the slot machine.
Spend it on equipment and liquor which will aid you in delivering your enemies a quicker death!
Smokin’ Barrels 2 features:
– 30 dangerous bandits to duel
– 30 missions to complete
– 19 upgrades and consumables
– 3 ace-high minigames
– Immersive atmosphere with western themed music and dialogue
– Free to play
– No microtransactions
Each bullet counts, each job is rewarded!
Smokin' Barrels 2
Smokin' Barrels 2
Smokin' Barrels 2

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