Smartloq Language v1.1

Smartloq Language v1.1
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Practice and review languages throughout the day with Smartloq Language:


Practice and review languages throughout the day with Smartloq Language:

When learning anything new, we must practice the material we’ve learned to create lasting knowledge of it. Smartloq takes a unique approach:

• Apply Smartloq Language to your other apps…Games, Social Media, or any apps you choose
• Select the 2nd language you are learning (English, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin)
• Choose a range of words you would like to focus on. Smartloq language comes with over 1600 terms and phrases.
• Practice alphabetically or randomly.
• Review your history in the log, or access the full library

How Does Smartloq Work:

– Each time a paired app is launched, Smartloq will present a word or term.
– Take a moment to think about it and whether you know the answer
– Tap the screen to see if you were correct.
– You either know the answer, so you can tap ‘got it’ and the term will go to the back of the range.
– If you are unsure or want to be remided, tap ‘remind me’, then the word or term will be presented again within the next 20 instances.
– The original app will launch after you tap either option
– Smartloq does will never block you from getting to your favorite apps.

Smartloq was conceived from a student’s perspective to aid with the learning process. Smartloq functions like a security lock, but instead of requiring a PIN, Smartloq Language presents a single term to review when you launch any paired apps. This keeps you practicing and learning throughout the day as you use your smartphone or tablet.

For Parents – Smartloq has the option to set a security PIN for access to the main app allowing you to manage and lock the settings.

Smartloq also has access to the entire library and a full history log.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of Smartloq Language, and be sure to check out our other Smartloq subjects.

What’s New

English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin

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