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SKY STEEL – Ultimate Edition Mod APK V1.2.0 Unlimited Credit and Skill Point

Download SKY STEEL – Ultimate Edition Apk Mod Unlimited Credit and Skill Point ,New update with version 1.2.0


HUGE side-scrolling Shmup / Shooter with rpg elements, quick&simple controls, tons of weapons, fire-modes, upgrades, enemies and stages! Control 2 Wings of Choice and carry the modified energy core to the invader core to unlock new worlds. 

Gain Experience Points to permanent Level Up and unlock Skill-points for more Firepower and Core abilities. Upgrade to the maximum in this fast pace action shooter! Colonize conquered Worlds and modify your Wings to play the way you like it. 

Each of the 7 Worlds has 3 Story Stages, 1 Boss-fight, 1 Bonus Stage and endless random generated Orbit Patrol Missions. Over 100 power ups and permanent Upgrades such as controllable and upgradeable drones, quick-bar items, screen bombs and tons of other visible upgrades can be installed and attached to your core. Master the Combo System to fight for World Rankings in this huge full speed space & sky, Bullet Hell War shooter!

– 25+ Stages, 7 Wolds
– Critical Hits, Level-Ups & Skill-tree
– Epic Boss-fights
– 10 different Wings to unlock
– Over 100 permanent Upgrades
– 7 Difficulty Modes! Easy <-> Bullet Hell
– Control War Drone Pets
– Over 50 Enemy Types
– changeable Firemodes
– Combo System
– Upgrade Lasers, Rockets, Rail Guns, Plasma and more
– STEEL MODE & Screen Bombs
– Quick-Bar Slots for Items
– HD effects and unique Music
– 100% pure Indie Game by ZET

||Game:  SKY STEEL – Ultimate Edition APK  ||
||Version:  1.2.0  ||
||Android : 2.1  ||
||Market:  https://play.google.com/SkySteel  ||
||Mod:  Unlimited Credit and Skill Point   ||


Intruction Installing:
Download files’s above
Install APK files
Then Lets Play The Game