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Demands: 3.0+

Headshots! Documents. Semi-Organic Autonomous Skulls collecting taxes from the Deadbeats of the Immortality.
Official Option, PAX 10 Independent Display, PAX Prime 2014.
You to know the old stating, “you cannot take it from you?” Well, we’ve acquired news for you, my buddies, they were INJUSTICE! “” have actually been taking their riches with them to the immortality for centuries as well as it’s the task of the INFERNAL Revenue Solution– and its army of skulls– to accumulate! That’s where you come in.

In “Skullduggery!” you’ll play a Semi-Organic Autonomous Head employed as a collector for the Internal Revenue Service. Making use of the flexibility of your own mind, flick on your own around the fortresses of the afterlife’s most significant .

  • MIND POWER: Pull back ANYWHERE on the screen to extend your brain! Release to snap your skull forward like a brainy rubber band.
  • BULLET TIME: Touch and also hold in mid-air to decrease time, modification directions, avoid dangerous hurdles, and carry out insane method shots!
  • GRAVITATIONAL AWOL: Continuously jump by aiming once again while your skull is mid-flight.
  • STEALTHINESS: Being small has benefits! Conceal in trash cans, upper bodies, as well as containers. Slip behind surly guards and take them out while their backs are turned!
  • HEADSHOTS: Get enemies from a solitary well-placed fling to the cranium.
  • GO TO HEAD: Play ‘head to head’ versus your close friends to become the immortality’s most effective broker.
  • ADMINISTRATION: Fill in documentation as well as review the integral emptiness of existence!

“Skullduggery!” attributes the endearingly grotesque fine art stylings of video game artist extraordinaire Expense Mudron, motivated by the Max Fleischer animations of the 1930’s, and also a wacky, doom-jazzy, bureau-noir soundtrack from commercial artist Michael Arthur Holloway.


  •  A finely-tuned and deeply-satisfying one-touch command scheme especially customized to mobile.
  •  Four clearly distinct and atmospherical worlds from even more heading.
  •  Awful puns.
  •  Solitary Player mode from 32 unique and also happily spooky levels.
  •  Multiplayer “Visit Head” method with a variety of brain-pounding fields.
  •  Concealed spaces and also secret breasts having treasure and also other delights.
  •  Pleasing power-ups and also epic employer battles!
  •  Dozens of collectables and also additional goals for optimum replayability.
  •  Over 20 distinct skulls to unlock, including guest celeb skulls from some of our favored video games.
  •  Take on Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards.
  •  Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork!

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