Simple Uninstaller v3.0 [Unlocked]

Simple Uninstaller v3.0 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: Fastest Batch Uninstaller tool on android with the freshest material design and features for Rooted and Non Rooted devices! 



This is the Best Uninstall tool hands down. If you have a Rooted device you will be able to install system apps as well as multiple apps with a single click. If you do not have Root on your phone you can still delete multiple apps a lot quicker than you can using the native android implementation. However, you will be prompted for each app uninstalled. Non Root users can not uninstall system apps. This is a limitation with the Android Operating system.
* The best batch uninstaller process on the market
* Know how much space you are freeing up during the selection process.
* Displays application name, install date and size
* Search by app name
* Sort by name, date installed, or size
* Very Clean Material Design
* Filters out system apps which cannot be uninstalled
* Recently added a feature to remove ads by popular request.
* Root users can uninstall system apps
* Root users can uninstall multiple apps with a single click.
* If you do not have a Rooted phone this app is still highly effective!

The goal of this app is to be as simple as possible when it comes to removing applications from your phone.
Therefore, I have left out certain things that I felt were unnecessary and rarely used when uninstalling an app.
However, if I missed something, please send me feedback either through the app or at [email protected] I would love to update the app according to how users want to use it.


Introducing Root capabilities!
As a user with Root privileges on your phone. You will be able to delete system apps as well as being able to delete multiple apps with a single click. I hope you like it!

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