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Signal Guard Pro v4.0.1 Apk

Needs: 2.1+

SignalGuardPro real-time surveillance signal high quality as well as functioning condition of your cell phone.

Suceessful Case :
1. shedding signal trouble of Motorola Phone 4G.
2. Signal block trouble of Samsung S3, Note2.
3. Unregistered issue of Samsung android collection as S4, S3, Note2, Note3.
4. Signal offnet or diving problem of cell phone.

Does your cellular phone losing signal or offnet regularly?
Does your grey-market mobile phone keep losing signal?
Is the signal regular when your mobile phone resting?
Do you get losing signal caution when entering subway, basement, computer room as well as passage?
You would experience above problems essentially when withing cell phones.Cell phone does lose signal in specific places.Could we acquire ahead of time warning of losing singal? Could we recover signal?

SignalGuardPro real-time surveillance signal quality as well as working condition of your cell phone.It can give ahead of time advising with ring, vibration and also LED 3 methods when signal irregularities takes place, such as entering locations like subway, basement, computer system space and tunnels or caused by uncorrectly baseband settings. As well as it could automatically recover signal networking within 6 seconds(fastest), based on the signal specification settings. The entire recover procedure will certainly be recorded in database which could possibly be inspected later on.

1. Baseband locking function :
it could establish working baseband in 2G,3 G or 4G.

2. Cell tower revitalizing function :
it can switch to one of the most effective cell tower close by, Combo of rational setting 2G/3G/4G baseband, it will certainly enhance signal stability as well as improve high quality of connection.

3. WIFI administration function :
control WIFI connection,real-time check out regularity network, DBM and also various other details, adjustment or get rid of connecting password, much more reliable and practical than system’s wifi administration.

4. WIFI network diagnostics feature :
It can automatically analysis available wireless router frequency channels, provide tips of conflicted and also interferenced channels and also available totally free ones, for that reason address the trouble of sluggish wifi connection.

5. Power conserving feature :
When actived, power saving feature will activate flight mode, close wifi and GENERAL PRACTITIONERS. Thus no demand of stressing midnight call or notification wake you up.

Feature Description :
1) mobile phone communications signal restore funtion to bring back damaged and weak network, boost signal.
2) cellular phone baseband lock, base terminal refresh function to enhance the cell phone signal top quality.
3) WIFI link administration, improve the diagnostic feature to enhance WIFI connection price.
4) Signal power conserving function to save money cellphone power, prolong standby time.
5) tracking mobile phone signals work status, double symbol displays the amount of telecommunications signals.
6) Usage combo of sound, vibration, LED 3 ways to advise lost signal and signal network restored.
7) Document logs of shedding signal and recover signal network, for background check as well as administration later.
8) The application can be readied to boot from the beginning, give whole time monitoring.
9) Support all the software application and equipment of Android versions out there. Support tracking and also restoring the signal also the cell phone is in standby or hibernation mode.

Exactly what’s New

V4.0.1 (20150601):.
1. New Signal Repair assistance for Android 5.0 or later on, need Origin.
2. Brand-new support for Chunghwa Telecommunications.
3. Taken care of some pests.

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