SIGHTED l Version: 1.1 | Size: 44.1MB
 Developers: KORAX | Language: English

SIGHTED- new game gives you a chance to see the world through the eyes of a person with poor eyesight, which in this case often loses his glasses, and your main task is to find them,
and most interesting is that while you can uctroit little mess, reviewing all the furniture in the search.
The new completely free game which has no analogues on your phone that will give you to try something new and original.
In order to avoid negative evaluations, to inform immediately, the game is more calculated average devices, and more specifically:
– Processor – dual-core ARMv7 1GHz and more.
– RAM – 1 GB or greater
– Android 2.3 or higher
– 800×480 screen and more
But it does not mean that the game will not run on weaker devices. For a more or less comfortable playing, recommended such characteristics or higher.
Any suggestions on how to improve the game, will be considered and taken into account!
Wait for the update!
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